The Company has been focusing on independent innovation. For many years, its investment in research and development ranks among the top in the industry. Meanwhile, it has complete equipment and experimental conditions. The professional engineer team focuses on technology and product research & development and quality improvement, and constantly develops and produces new products that meet the new era and high requirements.
By virtue of its strong scientific research strength and professional talent team, the Company has made a breakthrough in the orientation of environmental protection and health, which has produced the absolute advantage that similar brands do not have, and realized human's ideal pursuit of nature and health. The Company also cooperates with the world's leading and most influential raw material suppliers. We believe that through the continuous efforts and progress of its staffs, PALACE water-based paint will grow into a global brand for certainty.


Take you into the development history of waterborne paint
Any a product have to undergo the process of research and development, trial, and then gradually maturing, so does waterborne paint.

What are differences between water-based paint and latex paint?
With the development of technology, water-based paints are getting more and more attention from the society.

Some tips on elimination of formaldehyde
The person usually smell a variety of odors in the newly decorated houses, in which, formaldehyde is the main one.