Some tips on elimination of formaldehyde

Column:Common problems Time:2018-11-26

The person usually smell a variety of odors in the newly decorated houses, in which, formaldehyde is the main one. And the formaldehyde is very harmful to humans and causes various damages to the human body, so how to solve this problem is very important to every family. Then, we will learn some tips on elimination of formaldehyde. 

1. Open the doors and windows to keep a good ventilation; 

2. Put right amount of activated carbon in the room; 

3. The releasing time of formaldehyde is up to 3-5 years, so it is recommended to buy some plants to remove formaldehyde after moving into the new house, such as chlorophytum comosum, sansevieria, ivy, aloe and so on, to absorb some harmful substances to some extent such as formaldehyde. 

4, Eliminating the formaldehyde by black tea: use boiling water to brew the black tea and then put it into the room, and open the window. The formaldehyde content will fall by more than 90% within 48 hours, the irritating odor can be basically eliminated.

5. Coal ash: take 3-5 burnt briquettes or 400 grams of coal ash, put it in a plastic bag, and then put this bag in the pot in the room. And the formaldehyde odor can be basically removed after a week. 

The above sections are some methods to solve the formaldehyde pollution. For those who buy a new house, it is most important to know how to prevent the production of formaldehyde, in addition to paying attention to the elimination of formaldehyde. PALACE water-base paint, as a non-polluting coating produced by Xiamen MinYue Paint Company, does not produce pollution gas almost.