Industrial advantages

1. Are you confused about the industry? Water-based paint industry earns hundreds of billions of market share every year.

In the era of more and more transparent market, the capacity of water-based paint industry is growing.

2. Is there any problem in the transition from oil to water-based coatings?

The industry is changing nationwide. Oil coating will withdraw from the market, and water-based coating is developing rapidly. What are you waiting for?

Do you have no way to start without business experience in paint industry?

3. Do you have no way to start without business experience in paint industry?

Perfect business model leads you to this industry quickly.

4. It's difficult to improve the performance of the paint brand currently in operation. It's time to change the brand!

If you are still waiting, you will be knocked out of the technology market because many industry customers in the country are changing from oil to water-based paints!

5. What is the advantage in such a fierce competition?

We support you choosing to operate PALACE waterborne paints via the perfect marketing and technical service system of product orientation - price - marketing - supporting - service, and it will be the start of good life for you. The paint industry owns a consumption market of nearly 400 billion yuan every year, and it increases by 27% every year. The rural market, second renovation of old houses, etc. are waiting for you to develop, and the industry profits are waiting for you to share, what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate to join PALACE Waterborne Paint.