Investment Cooperation with MinYue Paint Industry (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

Dealer Selection

1. Sincere partners with clear thinking, clear understanding of industry development, awareness and experience in brand management, taking brand building as the main strategic direction, the sincerity and determination to accept the Company's operating system and to jointly develop the market, and regarding "PALACE" as featured product in the operation.

2. A mature wholesale channel network.
3. Good home decoration service network
4. Good furniture factory or industrial enterprise network.
5. Extended network of specialized stores.
6. Operating over special counter as the minimum requirement.

Conditions for dealers and specialty stores

I. Dealers:

1. Independent legal person, business scope and place as shown in the business license.

2. All are first-level wholesale dealers with annual sales more than 800,000 yuan.

II. Specialty stores

Industry leading product support

All raw materials are international brands. First-class supplier formula, first-class production technology, first-class production equipment.

Complete material support

VI manual, advertising umbrella, advertising shirt, paper cup, KT board, Roll up Banner, tea set, shelf, honor wall, sunhat, etc.

Advertising support

Outdoor: light box, outdoor signboard, bus stop shelter advertising, SZDHAD, wall advertising

Network media support: Baidu, 360, Sogou,,,,,,, district and county (special distribution), first signed first got the market; just use one (supporting customers to become stronger and bigger)

Successful marketing training support

Professional training on store shopping guide, community development, oil and woodworking channel development and maintenance, decoration company development and maintenance.

Assisting in operation

N+1 support system (strong expansion support of level 2 or 3 distribution) breaks with tradition of "sell" and "sale" disconnection, and there is no personnel tracking and supporting. Now, you stock, we help to sell, and serve you with close service from selling goods to ease your pressure.

Project channel support

Featured products, specially provided for real estate, engineering departments of project developers provide technical guidance and support for professional engineering bidding service construction, early stage development and maintenance. You only need to provide interpersonal network resources to support our whole-process tracking service.

Store decoration support

You acting as agent (dealer), we reimburse the expenses and help you design a store of good image according to the actual situation of your store.

Conference support 

Meetings for painters and carpenters; The designer and project manager salon will help you to learn about the guests, solicit business, and we reimburse the expenses.

Opening ceremony support 

The Company supports the opening of your specialty store with gift packs.