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Granite Paint

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Product introduction:

Although stone material is good as construction material, it has certain adverse effects on the ecological environment and human health. The appearance of PALACE granite paint eliminated the contradiction between stone used for human architectural aesthetics and the environment. To create a paint with excellent protection function and appearance like granite, PALACE granite paint adopted imported high polymer resin as basic material, and UV resistant special fillers, has variety of decorative patterns, natural color senses and high simulation stone effects, almost 99.9% similar to the stone. In addition to the texture of stone material, it also has the service life of stone material, the whole system life of dry hanging stone material is about 20-30 years, and the life of PALACE granite paint can reach 15-25 years as well. Such a long life enables it to replace granite material completely and bring the same noble and elegant decoration protection effect for the building.


1. Excellent outdoor weather resistance, long fastness, washing, cold and acid rain resistance, waterproof and mildew resistance, better self-cleaning performance than marble and granite, and always fresh coating.

2. Environment-friendly and non-toxic, no radiation pollution, free from the influence of complex foundation surface modeling, arbitrary painting with building model.

3. High simulation, natural and lifelike, smooth and convex coating. Ever-changing color, large or small patterns, able to imitate colors of various natural stone paints.