What is the development prospect of water-based paint?

Column:Industry dynamic Time:2018-11-26

Currently, every country is paying more and more attention to the environmental protection. And there is always some negative feedback on development and environmental protection. In the coating industry, the development of water-based paint is getting serious attention from the international market: in developed countries in Europe and America, the penetration rate of water-based paint has reached more than 80%. The coating industry can be broadly divided into three application areas, and water-based paint accounts for a significant proportion of the two largest applications. Water-base paint dominates the developed countries in the field of architectural coatings, such as 93% in Germany, and 60% in Norway which is the slowest developing country in Western Europe. In the field of industrial coatings, Europe's water-base industrial coating has exceeded 1 million tons; in the field of special coating, water-base paint is developing forward to such fields as automotive repair coating, anti-corrosion coating and road marking coating at an unprecedented speed.  

The water-based paint in China is only developed in the field of interior and exterior wall paints and is still in initial stage, but the market demand on it is growing rapidly. New products such as water-based wood paint, water-based anti-corrosive paint, water-based rust-proof paint and water-based paint will gradually occupy the dominant position in coating market. Paint experts points out that water-based paint will grow rapidly after breaking through the key technologies and it will account for more than 50% of the industrial market in China in the next 5 to 8 years. Under the big wave of industrial upgrading, the market structure of the coating industry will be changed tremendously. Nowadays, “energy conservation and environmental protection” has become an industrial policy issued by the state for encourage the development of enterprises. Enterprises have seized this opportunity, strengthened environmental protection concepts, developed green products, expanded green markets, implemented green public relations and established a green image to win the opportunities in the future market. Under such circumstance, the Chinese paint industry has turned to the " water-base paint market" one after another, and everyone is optimistic about the prospects of such paint, takes environmental protection as their own duty, attaches importance to the production of pollution-free products, advocates nature, pursuing health, attaches importance to the quality of home environment, and advocates green consumption, which will be a huge driving force for the development of water-based paint industry in China. 
Obviously, the promotion and application of water-based paint will drive the entire coating industry to a new level. In recent years, people pay more and more attention to the harm of volatile organic compounds in paint to the environment and human body. Compared with traditional solvent-based paint, the water-based paint can greatly reduce VOC emissions and effectively decrease the impact on the environment. that helps to reduce the potential probability of occupational diseases, cut down the fire and storage risks, and simplify and lower the process and cost of ventilation and water treatment of enterprises. However, the development of water-base paint in China now seems to encounter some obstacles, mainly in the improvement of policies and regulations, the strengthening of technological innovation and the popularization of public awareness. Looking back on the development history of water-base paint in European and  American countries, policies and regulations played a crucial role in it. The strict policies and regulations issued in succession forced many paint enterprises to upgrade their industries and embark on the road of water-base paint. On the contrary, due to the imperfection of policies and regulations, paint enterprises do not really attach importance to the development of water-base paint, and the myopia of enterprises will result in a small investment in the water-base paint market, which would not affect consumers' final purchase behavior, and consumers' behavior will affect policy makers and enterprises' judgment on the water-base paint market. Therefore, in order to speed up the development of water-based coatings in China, we should start with policies and regulations, technology promotion, market education and other aspects. Furthermore, we should enhance the market promotion and technology investment because the water-based paint limited its promotion path due to the disadvantages such as poor performance and expensive price. However, the price of some oily paints now has increased due to the increase in price of raw materials, which can be said to bring some opportunities to the water-base paint market. At present, the difficulty of fully promoting water-based paint lies in the fact that its technology is not as mature as the traditional paint, and manufacturers need to improve the its physical properties. In view of this, water-based paint can not hold an absolute advantage in the market. Consequently, if water-based paint wants to completely replace the oil-based paint, it still needs to overcome lots of difficulties and improve its technologies greatly. No matter what process water-based paint will go through to replace oily paint, but water-based paint will be an inevitable development trend from a long-term perspective. 
Nowadays, people's living standards are increasing day by day, and more and more attention is paid to environmental protection and health in the process of decoration, thus promoting the demand for water-based paints. Secondly, new products emerge one after another, expanding the market space of water-based paint as the research, production and application of water-based paint in China are advancing at an unprecedented speed. Moreover, the price of oily paint has exceeded the price of some water-base paints due to the rising prices of raw materials, which is also a rare opportunity to boost the development of such paint. Currently, the development of water-base paint in our country has occupied the favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions, and the water-base paint industry in our country will surely realize a leap. As paint experts said, we should firmly promote the healthy development of water-based paint industry, and not use this to hype.

The above sections indicate some conditions faced by water-based paint. Water-based paint has gradually replaced the position of oil paint in this industry, and its market share has gradually increased. With the maturity of technology, the function and practicality of this paint will be definitely promoted.