What kinds of water-based paint are there

Column:Company news Time:2018-11-26

Water-based pain gradually occupies the market, becomes the main coating on the market, and has different characteristics according to the formula and materials used, then, let’s see what kinds of water-based paints are there.

Water-soluble paint

Water-soluble paint is made of water-soluble resin, represented by polyvinyl alcohol and its various modifiers. In addition, there are water-soluble alkyd resin, water-soluble epoxy resin and inorganic polymer waterborne resin.

Water diluting paint

Water diluting paint refers to the paint with post-emulsifying emulsion as a film former so that the solvent type resin can be dissolved in organic solvent, then disperse in water to form emulsion under the help of emulsifier by strong mechanical stirring, known as post-emulsifying emulsion, and the paint made can be diluted with water during construction.

Water dispersible paint

Water dispersible paint mainly refers to the paint which is prepared with synthetic resin emulsion as the film former. Emulsion refers to the dispersive emulsion made of small particle clusters polymerized by unsaturated vinyl monomers at a certain temperature in the process of mechanical stirring in the presence of emulsifier. A paint prepared by adding a little emulsion to a water-soluble resin cannot be called a latex paint. Strictly speaking, water diluting paint is not latex paint, but is classified as latex paint.

The above are several types of water-based paint. With the continuous improvement and maturity of technology, continuous innovation of materials, the performance of water-based paint will be constantly improved, and there will be more types of water-based paint.