Some tips on cleaning the paint brush

Column:Common problems Time:2018-11-26

For the painters, they have to know how to clean the paint brush. If the paint brush is not cleaned, it will affect the use of the paint and shorten the service life of the brush. Let’s move to the cleaning tips.  

1. Prepare two containers with water, a small comb, a bucket of detergent, and a duster cloth. 

2, fill the container with water, put some detergent inside, and then dip the paint brush inside for 15 minutes.

3. Remove the brush from the container and comb the paint on the brush with the small comb. 

4. Put the paint brush in another container filled with clean water, soak for about five minutes to remove the detergent, and then gently swing it in the container. 

5. Wipe the brush with a clean rag and place it under the sun. 

The above information concerns the use of the paint brush. The paint brush is not very expensive, but taking a good care of your own tools is the necessary quality for every worker. We hope that the painters can learn useful things from above. 


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